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Vani Mahesh

Vani Mahesh is a Bangalore-based writer. She is the author of six books, and her work has also appeared in Deccan Herals, DNA, Life Positive, and more. On the technology side, Vani has been a digital curator at Jio Institute, founder of, the first online library in India, a professor of Computer Science at PES University, and a Software Engineer at IBM.; Vani enjoys work where she can combine her technical expertise with her passion for writing. Contact her at

Embarking on a Journey: From Techie to Literary Entrepreneur to Published Author

EasyLib, an innovative e-commerce venture, was the brainchild of Vani Mahesh, a software engineer passionate about books and technology. Established in 2001 in Bangalore's bustling suburb of Koramangala, EasyLib quickly gained recognition as a trailblazing online circulating library, combining the convenience of e-commerce with the world of literature.

Vani Mahesh has had an exciting journey from a techie at IBM in the United States to the visionary entrepreneur behind EasyLib. Driven by her love for books and her ambition to bring the joy of good old-fashioned reading to the digital age, she embarked on this venture with a clear vision.

EasyLib's collection was a testament to Vani's commitment to providing readers with a diverse and well-rounded selection of books. The library catered to a wide range of literary tastes, from bestsellers to niche genres, including a carefully curated children's section. What set EasyLib apart was its integration of literary and children's activities, inspired by Vani's experiences in American libraries, making it not just a place to borrow books but also a vibrant cultural centre. EasyLib gained popularity through word of mouth and generous media coverage as the years passed, drawing in avid readers and literary enthusiasts. Author meets, book clubs, and reading activities held regularly on Saturdays became a staple of the library's offerings, fostering a sense of community among its patrons.


As EasyLib matured, Vani expanded her model by franchising it, allowing others with similar aspirations to benefit from her expertise. She envisioned a future where more libraries like EasyLib could flourish, making literature more accessible to communities beyond Koramangala.


In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavours, Vani Mahesh is also a prolific writer with a passion for mytho fiction, witlit, and historical fiction. Her works aim to raise awareness and instil pride in India's rich culture and heritage, especially among the youth. Vani's multifaceted career, combining her technical expertise with her love for writing, demonstrates her commitment to literature and technology.

Vani Mahesh's journey from a techie to an entrepreneur to an author is backed by her love for books and to make reading a popular activity among the young. Her story encourages aspiring women entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. She emphasizes that there is no better time than now to start working towards one's vision. Vani suggests doing thorough homework and seeking guidance from experienced individuals before beginning an entrepreneurial venture.


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